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Superconductor Week - 2902

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Bruker Earnings Show Good Year for BEST
NMR Sales Lower for BioSpin
Performance Hurt by CAM Restructuring
Exchange Rates to Affect Performance in 2015
AMSC Q3 Gridtec Earnings Down 12.8% on D-VAR Sales
McGahn: Navy SPS Contract Expected by the End of March
AMSC Offering Two REG Applications 
Q3 2014 Aggregate Revenues Higher
AMSC has Sufficient Funding for 2015 Operations
Gridtec Sales Likely Flat in Q4 2014
DOE, NCI Award $1.95 M for Lightweight Particle Beam Delivery Systems 
Magnet Analysis Capabilities Developed by DOE OHP to aid current project
LBNL to Lead Overall Magnet Design 
OI Installs High Field Magnet at HLD
Modeling and Construction Techniques Overcome Technical Obstacles
MIT Creates Larger, Denser, More Sensitive SNSPD Array
Fabrication Method Solves Instability Problem
20% of Single Photons Detected
Array Scalable for Smaller Quantum Systems
HPSTR, Carnegie Team Triples Tc through Carrier Switch
Pressure Changes Fermi Electronic Structure
Compression Results in Collapsed Tetragonal Phase
Strong Electronic Correlations may Cause Novel SC
NIST Builds SC-Magnetic Device with Spintronics
Device is an Element of the IARPA C3 Program
Challenge of Balancing SC and Magnetism
Further Plans for Reducing Magnetic Switching Ic
Princeton Views Cooper Pairs on Topological Superconductor
Topological Insulator Expected to Host Majorana Fermions
Supersymmetry to Illuminate Particle Physics Problems
Potential to Discover New Properties of SC
U Tokyo Creates Theoretical SC Model for Iron-Based Compounds
SC Related to Electron Density Fluctuations
UBC Finds Charge Ordering in Electron-Doped Cuprates
Study Opens Parallel Avenue of Research
Charge Order at Higher Temperature than Pseudogap
Study Proposes New Theoretical Descriptions for HTS 
String Theory Addresses Unconventional Matter
Unresolved Issues Cloud Understanding of HTS 
BCS Provides Model for LTS
Study Builds on 2007 Research 
String Theory also to Benefit from HTS