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Superconductor Week - 2903

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MIT, ProNova Awarded $820,000 for Ironless Cyclotron
SC Magnets have 1/15 Total Weight of Resistive Coil Magnets 
Conceptual Design Based on MRI Technology
Linear Relationship between Magnetization and Saturation
Energy Degrading System Unnecessary
OI Develops 19T Large Bore Superconducting Magnet 
Magnet Operates at 4.2 K
HTS Insert Coils Allow High Fields Above 23 T
Modeling and Quench Management Key to Managing Coil Stresses
Ad Astra Wins $10 Million NASA Grant for VASIMR Engine
VASIMR to Reduce Fuel Requirements for Space Missions
Grant to Cover 100-hour Thermal Test
STI Increases Wire Shipments in FY2014
Several Companies at Final Stages of Qualification
Reduced Net Losses for Q4 and FY2015
Quarterly Cash Burn Rate Reduced to $2 Million
Cornell Discovers SC Fingerprint in Iron Pnictide
Theorists Differentiated Spin Fluctuations from Lattice Vibrations
QPI Confirmed Spin Fluctuation Fingerprint
SLAC Explains Tc Enhancement of FeSe on a STO Substrate
STO Substrate Exhibits Novel Properties
Tokyo Raises Tc for Thin Film Iron Chalcogenide Tc
The First Phase Diagram of 11 Chalcogenides
Investigating Te Content Effects may Raise Tc
Future Work will Investigate System Properties
CAS Views Insulator to SC Transition in FeSe/SrTiO3 System
System May Provide Platform for Insulator/SC Heterostructures
Film Behavior Similar to Cuprate SC
USC Finds Cooper Pairs at 100 K in Superatom Nanoclusters
First Observation of High Tc Signature in Cluster
Nanoclusters Offer Potential for Novel SC Materials
Theory Does Not Yet Suggest Ideal Sizes for Forming Cooper Pairs
U Minnesota Finds Quantum Oscillations, Charge Order Link
Hg1201 and YBCO Exhibit Charge Order/Oscillation Connection
RXD and RIXS Experiments Conducted
UCSB Builds Error-Detecting Quantum Circuit
Qubits to Perform Different Functions
More Qubits Increase System Reliability
Johns Hopkins Designs Vortex-Pinning SC Nanowire
Team Increased Edge to Bulk Ratio in Nanowire
Osaka Observes Topological Superconductor with Gap Nodes
Line Nodes may Indicate Surface Andreev Bound States