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Superconductor Week - 2904

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JR Tokai's L0 Maglev Train Sets World Speed Record
    Testing Part of Preparations for Tokyo-Osaka Line
    Testing Follows 2013 Line Extension
AMSC Selected as Sole Source for Navy Degaussing System
    AMSC to Expand HTS to Ship Protection Systems
Festo Demonstrates Superconducting Maglev Industrial Processes
    Superconductors Reach Areas not Accessible to Automation
    Concepts use Bulk YBCO as Superconductor
    Concepts Suitable for Biotech, Food Processing, and Packaging
GA Begins Manufacture of ITER Central Solenoid Magnet
    Peak Strength of 13.1 T and Stored Energy Capacity of 5.5 GJ
    Nb3Sn Presents Special Challenges
    Manufacturing on an Unprecedented Scale
Solar-Tectic Patents High-Jc HTS Production Method
    Technology Restricts Vortice Movement with Half Integer Vortices
    Patents Contains Two Methods for Creating Rough Boundary Edges
Bruker Reports Reduced Q1 Earnings for BEST
    Bruker Reports Lower Revenues, Higher non-GAAP Net Income
    IDPs to Provide Opportunity for Biospin
    2015 Financial Projections Unchanged
IBA Reports Increased Sales
    IBA Secures 50% of all Orders in FY2014
    IBA Expects to Average 10% Annual Growth
AMSC Preannounces Financial Results
    New REG Deployment Study Expected
AMSC Trade Secret Case Scheduled for Hearing
    Copyright Infringement Case to be Appealed
Japanese Researchers Develop Switchable SC Transistor
    New Transistor Overcomes Temperature Limitations
    Transistors Under 1 mm2
Eindhoven Develops Waveguide SC Single-photon Detector
Team Shows Electronic Structure Influence on Molecular SC

    Molecular SC not Restricted by Atomic Electronic Structures
    Fullerene Tc Raised to 38 K with Applied Pressure
    SC Emerges from Jahn-Teller Distortion
Optimal Tc at Balance of Molecular and Extended Lattice Features
Bar Ilan, Stuttgart Team Observes Higgs Boson in Lab

    Higgs Boson in Particle Physics has SC Analog