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Superconductor Week - 2905

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UH to Creat Institute to Advance Superconductor Manufacturing
    Institute to Address Barriers to HTS Manufacturing
    ASMI Blueprint to be Created in 18 Months
OI Builds 15 T Outsert Magnet for NHMFL
    HTS Insert will Boost Magnetic Field
    Magnet has High Field, Large Bore
    YBCO to be Used for Insert
EU Consortium Plans Superconducting Wind Turbine Generator
    EcoSwing to Unite End User and HTS Manufacturer
    Entire Nacelle 25% Lighter
    Focusing on Best Technology at Lowest Cost
AMSC Reports Higher Q4 FY2014 Revenues
    Gridtec Revenues Up 12% in Q4 FY2014
    AMSC Seeking to Broader Ties with US Navy
    Lower 12-Month Backlog
STI Reports Three New  Customers in Q1 FY2015
    Wire Performance and Finishing Layer Process Improved  
    Lower Revenues Generated by Legacy Products
OI Reports Lower Profits in FY2014/15
    Superconducting Wire Revenue Lower
    Workforce Reduced by 7%
IBM Develops Quantum Error Correction Code
    System Finds Errors Without Measuring Qubits
    2D Lattice More Lenient Towards Operation Errors
Korea Builds SC Cavities for Heavy Ion Accelerator
    Korea Capable of Producing Cheaper Cavities than Other Countries
NPL, RHUL Team Build High-Quality Qubit Foundry
    Artificial Atoms Interact with Microwave Radiation
    Qubits Made Using Electron-Beam Lithography
       Experiments Demonstrate 100% Fabrication Yield
Airbus Developing SC Electrical Propulsion System Prototype
    Long-length HTS Wires Major Advance for Aircraft Industry
    Propulsion System Part of e-Aircraft Roadmap
Fermilab SC Accelerator Fires First Beam
    Electrons Accelerate Through SRF Cavities
    Eight-cavity Cryomodule Planned for the Future
    Accelerator not Comparable to Tevatron
Hefei Realizes Optical Character Recognition in Quantum Computer
    Quantum Computing a Means of Managing Big Data
    NMR Used to Handle Qubits
    Machine Distinguished Between Two Handwritten Numbers
KIT, BNG Develop Superconducting Undulator
    SCU15 has Increased Flux and Spectral Range
    Undulator Solves Heating Problems of Earlier Models