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Superconductor Week - 2906

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THEVA Preparing to Increase Production of GdBCO Tape
    ISD Offers Fast and Cheap Deposition Process
    Process Facilitates HTS Layer Growth
    Main Goal is Product with High Yield at Reasonable Cost
Maglab Achieves 27 T with SC Magnet
    32 T Magnet to have more HTS Modules
    Stronger Superconducting Magnets Feasible
RTRI Begins Testing Superconducting Flywheel Storage System
    Storing Electricity from Regenerative Breaking
     Power Storage System has Output Capacity of 300 kW
Glow Energy Orders Two SFCLs from Applied Materials
    Glow SFCL is Third Applied Materials Commission
    Knapps Corners SFCL Responded 16 Times to Fault Currents
Robinson Achieves 1390 A in HTS Transformer
    1390 A Achieved at 70 K
    Project Team Includes Callaghan Innovation, GCS
    Transformer Includes Three 20-m Long Roebel Cables
    Transformer Undergoing Further Testing
    Preliminary Work on Commercial Prototype Underway
Robinson Develops Lightweight, Compact HTS MRI
    Helium Elimination Reduces Weight
    Whole Body Prototype to use MgB2
    MRI to Weigh less than 1,500 kg
Berkeley Lab Creates Magnet Technology Center
    Center to Collaborate with Other Institutions on Magnetic Systems
    BCMT Creates Opportunity to Broaden LBNLís Expertise
    Customized Equipment to be Ready in ~1 Year
    Research to Focus on HTS
    Project to last About Five Years  
TcSUH Wins Grant to Search for Novel Materials
    Customized Equipment to be Ready in ~1 Year
    Research to Focus on HTS
    Project to last About Five Years
IBA Reports Higher Proton Therapy Sales in Q1 FY2015
    Record Proton Therapy Backlog of $299.4 Million
    IBA Reiterates 2015-18 Guidance
Japanese Team Studies 1000 Materials for Superconductivity
    Solid-state Chemists Conducted Research
    All Objectives Accomplished Except Tc > 77 K
     Promising Iron-based SC Wire Developed Using PIT
TKK Launches Textured Cu Substrate Production
    Overcoming the Occurrence of Abnormal Grains in Cu Substrates
    Cu is 50% Cheaper than Nickel or Tungsten Alloys
UCSD Team Fabricates HTS SQUIDs
    Josephson Circuits Written Directly onto YBCO Film
    SQUID has Attractive Transport Characteristics
    Team Pursuing MEG, High Data Througput Communications Applications