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Superconductor Week - 2907

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D-Wave Introduces 1152 Qubit Quantum Processor
    Process Considers 21,000 Possibilities Simultaneously
    Low Energy State Increases Quantum Stability
    Upgrades Improve Control Circuitry  
JGU Prepares to Fabricate SRF Module for MESA
    MESA First Multi-turn ERL Accelerator
    MESA to be Key Research Tool in the PRISMA Cluster
3-Cs Achieves Continuous, Seamless Deposition of HTS on Cylinder
    Arrays of Cylinders could replace Coils for Many Applications
    Potential Manufacturing Advantages for Magnetic Coils
    3-Cs Achieves Continous Deposition Band on Cylinder
    Cylinder Attains Jc of 0.88 10^6 A/cm2
    PLD Preferred Deposition Method for Development Work
    Method Allows for Defect Management at Batch Level
    3-Cs Seeking Investors, Technology Partners
FERC Allows SPS to Terminate Tres Amigas Agreement
    Tres Amigas Missed Deadlines, Failed to Pay SPS
    Tres Amigas Cites Complexity of Project
    Texas Passes Bill Requiring PUCT Approval of Connection
STI Wire Performs Strongly in SFCL Tests
    Robinson Qualifies Conductus for Roebel Cable
HTS-110 Builds HTS Vector Magnet for Otago University
    Vector Magnet Simplifies Sample Orientation
    Magnet Runs with Pumped Nitrogen at 67 to 88 K
    Three Fields Complicate Magnet Design
    Magnet to be used for SC Qubits, Microwave/Optical Photon Conversion
AMSC Grows Revenues in Q1 FY2015
    Gridtec Revenues Higher due to D-VAR Shipments
    Pepco REG Design may be Larger than ComEd's
    AMSC Begins U.S. Navy Contract
    Tres Amigas Investment Written Off
RIKEN-led Team Measures Entanglement in Electrons
    Research Confirms Entanglement without Bell Test
    Work Aimed at Realization of Andreev Entangler