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Superconductor Week - 2909

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ASG to Build Multiplet Magnets for FAIR Project
    ASG Contributing to Design of SuperFRS Beamline
    Fourth Major International Order for ASG in 5 Years
HYPRES Introduces Faster Superconducting ICs
    Advanced Lithography Enables JJ Size Decrease
    Customers Require Faster Data Processing
    HYPRES Offering JJs with Dual Jc Option
Max Planck Tests W7-X Coils and Magnetic Field
    Stellarator Offers Advantages for a Power Station
    W7-X to Produce 30 Minute Plasma Discharges
    NbTi Coils to Confine Plasma
    Technical Systems Undergoing Testing Before Operation Begins
    Coils Tested Individually, in Groups, and as Complete Set
    Field Tests Reveal Nested Flux Surfaces
AmpaCity Cable Undergoes Short Circuit and Ground Fault Testing
    Three Types of Tests Conducted in June
MIT Designs Small Fusion Reactor with REBCO Magnets
    Increased Tape Performance Makes REBCO Magnets Feasible
    Fusion Power Grows more than Proportionally with Magnetic Field
    REBCO Coils would last at least 10 Years
    FLiBe Creates Liquid Blanket Surrounding Plasma
    Reactor Capable of Producing 500 MW of Power
Superconductor Margins to Lower OI FY2016 Earnings
    Demand for Nanotechnology Tools Strong
    June-July Orders Pick Up  
U Wollongong-led Team Devises High Current MgB2 Joints
    Team Addresses Problem of MgB2 Joint Deterioration
    Applying Appropriate Pressure Prevents Cracks
    Working on Reliable Production Method
TUT Builds SQUID Food Inspection System
    System Magnetizes Metal Fragments
    System Detected 0.2 mm Steel Ball
Cornell Team Observes Vortex Pinning in Irradiated SC
    Raising Jc with High-energy Ion Beams
    Two Distinct Pinning Effects in FeSeTe1-x
Aalto Predicts Iron Lattice Deposits Enhance Topological SC
    Study Provides Pathway for Accessing Topological Properties
    Findings Suggest px+ipy Superconductivity
Engineered Metamaterial Triples Aluminium Oxide Tc
    Dielectric Response Allows tuning of Electron Pairing
    Experiment used ENZ Plasmonic Core-shell Metamaterial
    Tc of Metamaterial Reached 3.9 K
CERN Replacing 1000 QPS Cards
    Cards One of Three Independent Monitoring Systems