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Superconductor Week - 2910

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SuNAM Improves GdBCO Manufacturing Process
    RCE-DR Allows for High Deposition Rate
    RCE Vision System Applies Color Values
RSE, A2A Upgrade to Milan SFCL to 15.6 MVA
    Prototype Functioned Successfully for more than Two Years
    2G YBCO Used instead of 1G BSCCO
    Upgraded SFCL to be Field Tested in 2016
Siemens Joins Australian Drive for HTS Defence Applications
    Collaboration to Identify Additional Projects
    Latest in Private Sectors/Government/University Collaborations
STI Stock Issuance Drives Down Share Price
    STI Reaches Distribution Agreement for India Sales
    Funds Continue to Buy Stock
NSSMC Develops High Tc QMG Bulk Superconductors
    NSSMC Develops LRE Bulks up to 150 mm
    Gd-based QMG Fabricated with RE Compositional Gradient Method
    Eu-based QMG Appropirate for NMR/MRI
Intel to Invest $50 Million in Quantum Computing
    Industy-University Collaborations Cricical to Quantum Computing Development
    Intels Joins other Tech Leaders by Investing in Quantum Computing
Brazilian Team Tests Maglev Vehicles on 200 m Line
    Modular Design Prermits SHarper Curves and Steeper Grades
    Current Focus on Safety Certification
SUPERCABO Project to Build and Test SC Transmission Cable
    Prototype to be Installed in July 2016
    Utilities Involved in Design Preparation
UBC, Max Planck Find Evidence for SC in Monolayer Graphene
    Lithium Modiefies Phonon Density of States
    Several Groups Testing Substrates-graphene-dopant Combinations
    Li Doesn't Alter Graphene's Carrier Mobility
    Graphene Stronger than Steel by Weight
St. Andrews Uses SC to Magnetize Gold
    Study Advances Superconducting Spintronics
    Other Materials may Yield Same Result
    Findings not Conisistent with Theory
Team Observes Fermi Surface Transition Favorable for SC
Team Observes Mott Transition in SC