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Superconductor Week - 2911

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Niowave Announces Successful Production of Mo-99 Isotope
    Most Mo-99 Produced in Canada, Eu
    Mo-99 Unstable Isotope that Decays Rapidly
    Niowave's Method does not Require HEU
    Niowave's Work Supported by U.S. Congress
EuCARD2 Builds REBCO Magnet for Accelerator Applications
    HTS Magnet to be Insert in a 20 T Dipole
    Roebel Tapes Offers Je of 600 A/mm2
    FRESCA2 Building Outsert Magnet
Maryland Receives Grant for DC-Baltimore SC Maglev Line Planning
    Japan Promising $5 Billion in Financing
ACT Raises Je of CORC Cables with Thinner Substrate
    ACT Tests 38 mm Substrate with Zr Doping
    Custom Machine Improves Cable Quality
    30 mm-thick Substrate Further Improves Je
    Future Improvements with Higher Zr Doping
U Lorraine Team Develops Unique Inductor for SC Motor
    LTS and HTS Design Increases Magnetic Flux
    Motor Realized Ic of 100 A
LANL Designs Inexpensive and Portable MRI
    ULF-MRI Overcomes Drawbacks of Conventional MRI
    Shielded and Unshielded Machines Developed
    Commercial SQUIDs used in System
    Further Work depends on Obtaining Funding
RTRI Building SC DC Cable for Railways
    Tests Conducted on the Sunzu Line
AMSC Grows Revenues in Q2 FY2015
    DHS Concludes $3.7 Million Contract Modification for REG System
    PEPCO REG System may be Larger than Chicago
STI Awaiting Conductus Wire Contracts
    Wire Shipped to Two New Customers
    Cash Sufficient through 2016
Bruker Q3 Earnings Show Biospin Recovery
    ROSATOM Revenues Shifted to Q4
    Forex Rate Changes Hurt Q3 Results
    Biospin Benefited from NMR Revenue Growth
    Bruker Raises FY2015 Earnings Estimates
Lower SC Sales Dampen OI Earnings
    OI to Provide Nb3Sn Conductor for LHC
    Nanotechnology Earnings Grow
    Finance Director Boyd Leaving Company
Kyoto U Grows Pb1212 Epitaxial Film with 90 K Tc
    Kyoto uses Two-step Growth Method