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Superconductor Week - 2912

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IARPA Awards Contract to IBM to Build a Logical Qubit
    IBM Scaling its Square Lattice to Four Qubits
LHC Luminosity Upgrade Shifts from Design to Construction Phase
    Luminosity to be Increased by Factor of Five to Ten
    Upgrade Involves Numerous SC Components
    Equipment to be Installed in 2018, 2022
PSFC Developing Conceptual Design for HTS ARC Fusion Reactor
    Possible Funding Through Low Carbon Energy Initiative
    HTS Allows for Higher On-axis Magnetic Fields
    Magnetic Field Limited by Torus Structural Components
    Designs use Commercially Available REBCO Tapes
    HTS Allows for Optimized Plasma beta, Ion Gyroradius
    Design to Reduce Size, Cost, and Improve Operation
Grenoble Designs SFCL Linking Ship Power Systems
    Increased use of Electrical Drives Increases Fault Current Risk
    Grenoble Team Runs Simulations of SFCL Performance Onboard HVDC Ship Grid
    Tests Conducted on Demonstration SFCL
Russian Team Designs 2G HTS Generator for Wind Turbines
    HTS Coils Achieve Ic of 41 to 45 A in Testing
    Motor Rotating Velocity Raised to 600 RPM
Proton Therapy Sales Drive IBA Revenues Higher
    Total Revenues Grow by 25.1%
ISTEC Creates Novel Gradiometric SQUID
    ISTEC SQUIDs Feature Ramp-edge Josephson Junctions
    Ion Bombardment used to Prepare Junctions and Contacts
    Detailed Studies Ongoing
Saint Jean Carbon Indentifies Graphene Magnetic Properties
    Magnetism Observerd Without Temperature or Chemical Manipulation
    Company to Identify Partners to Develop Applications
    Key Potential Applications include Bioengineering and Nanoelectronics
French Team Induces SC in Boron-doped Silicon
    Si:B Offers Advantages for Nanoelectronics
    Extreme Doping Concetration Triggers SC
    Metallic Phase Enhances Applications for Nanoelectronics
    Silicon Devices Tested
CAS Team Improves Transport Jc in SmFeAsO1-xFx Tapes
    SmFeAsO has Highest Tc of Iron-based Superconductors
    Sn Pre-sintering Improves Grain Connectivity and Jc
    Heat Treatments Prevent Fast Fluorine Loss
HKUST Uncovers Reason for High Field Resistance in MoS2
    Team Dubs New SC Class Ising Superconductors