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Superconductor Week - 3001

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First Electrons Accelerated by European XFEL Injector
    Injector Produced by 17 Member Consortium
    Electrons to be Accelerated through Niobium Cryomodules
Columbus Superconductors, INFN Develop MgB2 Tape for Radiation Shields

    SR2S Successfully Analyzed the Interaction of Shielding Materials
    MgB2 Offers Low Average Density and Cost
    MgB2 Magnets Could Operate for Years in Space
SCW's Stock Index Outperforms Market in 2015
    IBA Performance Shows Demand for Proton Therapy
    Furukawa Revenue and Income Higher
    Bruker BiowSpin Rebounds in Q4 2015
    AMSC Makes Progress with Two Superconducting Catalysts
    OI Faces MRI Pressure from Asia
    STI Shares Crash
STI's Conductus Achieves Ic of 500 A at 12 T
    Wire Shipped to Two New Customers
NUS Team Tunes Superconductor via Electric and Magnetic Fields
    Crystallinity of TiSe2 Enabled the Observation of New Phenomena
    CDW and SC Transitions Tuned
    Technique Provides New Information on CDW-Superconductor Transition
Copenhagen Develops SC-Semiconductor Qubit Architecture
    AL Crystal Matches with InAs
    Structure may be Applicable to Topological Qubits
    Applied Gate Voltage Shifts Qubit Frequency
    Delft Conducts Similar Study
    Copenhagen Characterizes Coherence Time
    Further Study Demonstrates Coherence and Stability
KRISS Offers mT-NMR Improvements
    Overcoming Strong Magnetic Pulses a Challenge
    mT-NMR/MRI Tested for T1 Constrast Values  
    System Tested for Other Applications
    SC Magnetic Hysteresis Reduced
SIMIT Builds 3D NbN Nano-SQUID High Flux Modulation
    Nano-bridge Junctions Allow for Smaller SQUID Design
    3D Model Improves Current-phase Resolution
    Potential Applications Include SQUID Microscopy and Spectroscopy
HOLMES to Use LTS Detectors to Measure Neutrino Mass
    Calorimetric Measurement to Measure Electron Capture Decay
    1000 Detector Array will Avoid Pileup Problems
    Project to Last 5 Years Plus 3 Years for Data Collection