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Superconductor Week - 3002

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ASIPP Maintain 50 Million K for 102 Seconds at EAST
    Maintaining 50 Million K for over 60 s Risks Reactor Meltdown
    Results Could Benefit ITER Program
LNCMI and CEA-Saclay Building 45 T Hybrid Magnet
    RCOCC to be Used in Outsert Magnet
    Cryogenic System Installation First Production Step
    Next Steps Include Conductor Assembly
    LNCMI Trying to Boost Magnet Power
U Tokyo, Tohoku U Observe SC in C6CaC6
    Tokyo, Tohoku Independently Develop Measurement, Fabrication Techniques
    SC Proven to be Origin of Zero Resistance in C6CaC6
    High Reactivity to Air Remains a Challenge
ANSC Reports Higher Revenues and Reduced Loss
    D-VAR Sales Boost Gridtec Revenues
    Nexans Selected for REG Cable Qualification
    Ship Protection System to Generate Revenues in FY2016
    Neutral Operating Cash Flow for Quarter
BEST Revenues Contribute to Bruker's Strong Q4 FY2015
    Bruker Realizing Benefits from Restructuring
    BioSpin Achieves Higher NMR Order Bookings
    Bruker Expects Profit Margin Expansion in 2016
Tokyo Observes MoS2 SC in a High Magnetic Field
    SC Schieved Only in Topmost Layer of MoS2
    Spin-orbit Interaction Enhances Stability
NIST, NTT Design SNSPD for Quantum Teleportation
    SNSPDs use Superconducting MoSi
    Quantum States Limited by Beam Splitter
Team Patents Novel Architecture for Quantum Computing
    Approach Detaches Logical Qubit from Physical Implementation
    Scalability a Motivation for Proposal
    Scheme Removes Need for SC Qubits
Team Develops Method for Manipulating Sandwich Systems
    GdTiO3-RNiO3 Sandwich System used in Study
    High Doping Levels Likely Needed for SC in Nickelate Heterostructures
Quantum Criticality Triggers SC in YRS
    YRS Presents Clear-cut Quantum Critical Properties
    Nuclear Spins Ordered to Reach Quantum Critical Point
Osaka U Stabilizes Hydrogen at High Pressure
    Findings Raise the Possibility of Higher Tc Metallic Hydrogen
    Findings Suggest Higher Critical Point
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents