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Superconductor Week - 3003

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AMSC and BASF Reach Agreements to Develop Low Cost HTS Wire
    AMSC to Focus on Driving Down Total System Cost
    BASF to Change Method for Depositing Interface Layer
    Deal may Drive Competitors from Market
KEPCO Installs 1-km Superconducting AC Cable on Jeju Island
    AC Cable is Third KEPCO SC Project
    LS C&S Seeking to Commercialize Cable Overseas
Cornell Develops Self-Assembled 3D Superconductor
    Self-assembly may enable Greater Tunability of Material Characteristics
    Gyroidal Structure might result in Unsual Physical Phenomena
    Two-step Heating and Cooling Resulted in SC
STI Addresses Problems with Conductus Wire
    2015 Customer Count Reached 37
    Cash to Fund Operations into Q4 FY2016
IBA Proton Therapy Orders and Backlog Grow
    Total Revenues Grow by 22%
Team Designs Coated Conductor Magnet for Rotating Gantry
    Coated Conductor Magnets Smaller and Lighter for Medical Applications
    Coated Conductor Creates only a Small Magnetic Deviation
    Cosine-theta Magnet Compared Favorably to Block Magnet Design
    Team Building Two Small Magnets
RHUL Wins Grant for Nanofabrication Facility
    Facility to be Available Free of Charge to UK-based Academics
Max Planck Uses Laser to Raise the Tc of a Fulleride
    Fullerides have Simpler Structure than Cuprates
    SC First Observed in Fullerenes in 1991
    Lasers Excited Local Molecular Vibrations
    Team will seek to Stabilize the SC Phase
NIST-led Team Develops Efficient SNSPD with Less Jitter
    MoSi Outperforms WSi on System Jitter
    Less Expensive Cryogenics Appealing for Widespread Use
    New Detector Suitable for Unpolarized Light Sources
    Device used in Record Teleportation Experiment
Team Proposes Teleporting Microorganism
    Experiment to be the First Involving a Microorganism
    Teleportation would occur in Three Stage Process
    Experiment Possible with Current Technologies
Team Controls spin Relaxation using SC LC Circuit
    Desirable to Further Shorten Relaxation Times
    Spontaneous Emission Mechanism by which Quantum System Reaches Equilibrium
UB Finds that PH3 Decomposition Leads to SC
    Max Planck Initiated Experiments with Phosphene 
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