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Superconductor Week - 3004

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Cambridge Launches Superspin Project to Develop SC Spintronics
    Potential Solution for High Power Consumption
    Superspin Includes Spintronics, SC Researchers
    Project to Indentify Promising Research Leads
    Advisory Board to Provide Direction
Construction Begins on NICA Superconducting Collider
    NICA Includes 500 NbTi Magnets
USAF Sets 633 mph Superconducting Maglev Speed Record
    USAF Seeking to Reduce Vehicle Weight
TF Coil for JT-60SA Tokamak Successfully Tested
    JT-60SA to Complement ITER Operations
    Tokamak using NbTi for TF Coils, Nb3Sn for Central Solenoid
    JT-60SA to see First Plasma in 2019
Two Nexans SFCLs Commissioned in Birmingham
    SFCL Project Nexans' Third in the UK
    FlexDGrid Project to Handle Greater Demand over Existing Networks
TenneT to Install 3.4 km HTS Cable
    Five Partners Contributing Expertise to Project
    Superconductors Attractive for High Ic and Small Footprint
Russian Team Develops Superconducting Memory Cells
    Proposal Adds Metal/Ferromagnetic Interlayer to System
    System Could Benefit SC Processors
Waterloo Characterizes Nematicity in Underdoped Cuprates
    Tuning Nematicity Could Affect Tc
    Three Lanthanum-based Cuprates Explored
    Dopants with Distinct Ionic Radii Influence Nematicity
LCLS-II Preparing for Installation of X-ray Laser
    SC Modules to Accelerate electrons
    Undulator Segments to Include Hundreds of Magnets
    First Small-scale Undulator Prototype Tested in 2013
BNL-lead Team Studies SC-Insulator Transition in Cuprates
    Results Reveal SC Competition with Charge-glass State
    Researchers Employ COMBE Method
    LSCO Model System to Study HTS    
International Team Finds Superconductivity in La7Ir3
    TRS Rarely Observed with Superconductivity
    Testing Reveals Spin-Triplet Pairing
Team Finds Quantum Effects for Superconducting H3S
    Quantum Fluctuations Produce Hydrogen Bond Symmetrization
    Quantum Effects Reduce Symmetrization Pressure
    Hydrogen-based Compounds Unlikely to Achieve SC at Room Temperature
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents