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Superconductor Week - 3005

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Deutsche Nanoschicht Opens HTS Pilot Plant
    Deutsche Nanonschicht Employs CSD Process
    CSD Production Inexpensive and Scalable
Rigetti Computing Developing 40-qubit Prototype Quantum Chip
    Rigetti Uses Novel Computing Architecture
    Rigatti's Technology Differs from D-Wave Systems
    Company aims for Quantum-powered Cloud Computing Service
U.S. Researchers Propose New Method for Enhancing Ic in HTS
    Maximumj Supercurrent Density Represents "Holy Grail"
    Paper First Ic-by-design Paradigm to be Proposed
Biospin Drives Bruker Growth
    Flat Revenues at BEST
    NMR Sales Lead Biospin
STI Close to Solving Conductus Mechanical Strength Problems
    STI Proposes Wire Manufacturing Project to DOE
    Quarterly Net Loss Increases
U.S. National Labs, CERN Develop Powerful Prototype Magnet
    Coils Fabricated from Nb3Sn Instead of NbTi
    Major Challenges include Coil Stress and Dimensional Control
Higher Proton Therapy Revenue Drives IBA Growth in Q1 FY2016
CSIRO Develops SQIFs with Extreme Magnetic Field Sensitivity

    Earlier SQIFs Limited to 1D Arrays
    YBCO Grain Boundary Junctions Improve Voltage Output Magnitude
    Magnetic Field Detection Sensitivity of 1530 V/T
    Superconducting Loops Have Random Size Distribution
Australian Team Prints SC Microwave Cavities
    3D Printing Potentially Offers Quicker Production and Reduced Costs
    Al12Si Alloy Powder used for Cavity Printing
    Polishing Surface and Annealing Improves Cavity Performance
    Team to Investigate Further with Niobium Powder
Southwest University Models Competition Between Disorder, SC
    Goal to understand Physical Laws Around SC/Disorder Transition
    First Study to use Lagrangian Function to Describe HTS
    Scaling Law to Help in Search for HTS
Swiss Team Creates Cryogenic Scanning Quantum Sensor
    Team used Diamond NV Centers
    Team Imaged Magnetic Stray Vortices with 10 nm Resolution
    Technology to be Commercialized 
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