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Superconductor Week - 3006

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UNIGE and BioSpin Build 25 T Superconducting Magnet
    HTS Insert Coil Increases Field by 4 T
    SuperPower REBCO Tape Used
Mitsubishi Electric-led Team Builds and Tests Compact HTS MRI Scanner
    Mitsubishi Achieves Winding Accuracy of 0.1 mm
    Team Plans to Construct Half-size MRI Scanner
Houston Creates TFM Fields in Contradiction to CSM Theory
    CSM Theory Suggests High Pulse Necessary for TFM
    CSM Internally Inconsistent due to Flux Creep
    Team to try to Increase Jc by Lowering Temperature
Grid Segment Powers AMSC Q4 Revenue Growth
    BASF Agreements Augmented Q4 Grid Segment Revenes
    AMSC Developing Second Version of Ship Protection System
    Positive Operating Cash Flow for Quarter    
    Company Projects Seasonally Lower Revenues in Q1 FY2016
OI Cuts Costs and Raises Profits
    MRI Pricing Pressures Continue
    Improved Margins for Nanotechnology Tools
York Instruments Launches New MEG Device
    Increased Sensitivity Muliplies Potential Uses for HyQUIDs
    HyQUIDs Cooled with Helium-free Cooling System
Google Develops Digital Tuning to Control Qubit Interactions
    AQC Approach Difficult to Scale
    Qubit Interactions Controlled with Voltage and Current Pulses
    System Protected from Effects of Noise
Rice Investigates SC in 2D Boron
    Two Labs Recently Synthesized 2D Boron
    Polymorphs may allow Tuning of Borons's Conductivity
Grenoble Fabricates Quantum Dot Electron Turnstile
    Unwanted Electrons Cause Increased Error Rate in SINIS Turnstiles
    Electromigration used to Create SQS Junctions
    Error Rate Below 1% Realized
TIT Induces SC in FeSe Via Electrostatic Carrier Doping
    EDLT Avoids Structural and Carrier Transport Degradation
    Maximum VG of 5.5 V
    Team to Apply Structures to Other Insulators
Chicago-led Team Traps Electrons Above Superfluid Helium
    Helium Electrons less Affected by Environmental Noise
    Electrons Trapped in SC Resonator
    Team Controlled Electrons Flowing from Trap
Physicist Wei Proposes Particle Teleportation
    Relevant to SC Research
Zhejiang U Finds SC and Ferromagnetism Coexist 
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents