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Superconductor Week - 3007

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3-Cs Enters Voluntary Liquidation
    3-Cs Coated Conductor Technology
    Coated Cylinders Offer High Je, Low AC Loss
    Liquidation Follows Achievement of Continuous, Seamless Deposition
    3-Cs IP Portfolio, Equipment, Know-how to be Liquidated
HYPRES and Out of the Fog Research Awarded SIGINT System Contracts
Guest Article: Implications of the Discovery of HTS in H2S at 205 K Under Pressure
    Eremetz Findings Compatible with BCS Theory
    Discovery Aided by Advances in Numerical Solutions
    Metastability could lead to Future Room Temperature SC
    Australian Researchers Discover metastable HTS Above 50 K
Ad Astra Meets NextSTEP First Year Performance Requirements
    Achievements Include Rocket Core Redesign
    Rocket to Support Long Space Missions
    NextSTEP Enabling Longer Firing Tests
Lower AMSC Wind Sales Offset Higher Grid Revenues
    AMSC Fabricating Beta Unit for U.S. Navy
    Utilities Show Increasing Interest in REG Solutions
Reduced Academic Demand Hits Bruker Earnings
    Project Completions Reduce BEST Revenues
    NMR Sales Remain Strong
Aalto Builds and Tests Efficient Photon Detector
    Team used Calorimetric Approach
    Nanobolometer Incorporates Two Major Innovations
    Additional ERC Grants Support Commercialization
German Team Creates Three-axis Vector NanoSQUID
    Three-axis Measurements Provide Ansitropy Information
    NanoSQUID Achieves Strong Spin Sensitivity
    Plans Include Improving Sensor Sensitivity
ORNL Clarifies Cuprate Pairing Instability in the Pseudogap Phase
    2D Hubbard Model used for Simulation
    Pseudogap does not Interfere with Pairing
Tsinghua Observes Double-domed Superconductivity in FeSe
    Thin Film FeSe Demonstrates Higher Tc than Bulk
European Team Finds Enhanced Superconductivity at the 2D Limit
    Material Thickness of 3.5 nm Achieved
    Bulk TMDC Exfoliated to Below 2D Limit
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents