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Superconductor Week - 3008

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Festo's SupraMotion Shifts Towards Technology Demonstration
    SC Levitation of Primary Interest
    SC could Reduce Mainenance Time
    Unreasonable to Compare Cost of SC, Contemporary Automation Systems
    Festo Presents three Concepts at 2016 Hannover Fair
    SupraJunction Transports Objects on Horizontal Plane
    Twelve Total SupraMotion Exhibits to Date
    Rotary, Linear Movements Generate Particular Interest
AMSC Partners with Nexans to Market REG Systems
    Agreement Caps History of Collaboration
UH Builds HTS Coil with Higher MRI Resolution
    Two 7 T Cyroprobes Developed for Rat Brain Imaging
    Improved Tapes Necessary for Scaling
    Coil to be Used in Two Projects
STI Close to Solving Conductus Wire Strength Issues
    STI Vying for DOE Superconductor Grant
Furukawa Announces Lower Revenues but Higher Income
    Energy Infrastructure Expected to Grow 11.5% for the Year
IBA Sees Continued Proton Therapy Revenue Growth
    Record Proton Therapy Backlog
    FY2016 Guidance Reiterated
OI and HLD to Collaborate on HTS Coils for a High Field Magnet
    HTS Coils to be Used with 19 T Outsert
    Work Should Advance the Development of >25 T Magnets
Delft Builds LAO/STO SQUID with Tunable Superconductivity
    LAO/STO Properties Controllable vis Gate Voltages
    Team to Study SC Pairing at Interface
Cornell Alters Electrical Properties of SRO
    SRO has Characteristics Similar to Cuprates
    SRO and 3He Share Unusual Electron Pairing
BNL Demonstrates Electron Pair Density Influence on Cuprate Tc
    Pure Cuprate Films Difficult to Engineer
    Custom MBE System Developed to Grow Better Samples
    Strontium Overdoping Reveals Tc and Pairing Density Link
Chinese Team Develops SNSPD for Satellite Laser Ranging
    System will Monitor Space Debris
    System Overcomes APD Drawbacks at Infrared Wavelengths
    SNSPDs tested at Yunnan Observatory     
    System Efficiency Almost Double APD Detectors
Yale QEC System Improves Qubit Decay Rate
    QEC Syndrome Measurements Avoid Reading Individual Qubits
    System Includes Transmon and RF Cavity
    System Improves Transmon Qubit Lifetime by 20x
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents