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Superconductor Week - 3009

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Robinson Awarded $47 million to Develop SC Hybrid-electric Aircraft
    Lab-scale Motor to Demonstrate >15 kW/kg Power Density
    Hybrid Aircraft Offer Significant Fuel Savings
    HTS Helps Motor Meet Weight Constraints
    Robinson Coordinating with NASA
CASIC Proposes High-speed Superconducting Hyperloop Train
    Tracks to Run through Vacuum-like Tubes with Minimal Drag
    CASIC Adapts Military Technology to Civilian Applications
    Network to be Built in Three Phases
Shibaura Tech Studies Carbon Nanotube Addition in Y123
    Carbon Suppresses Oxidation, Carrier Doping
    Nanodiamond Substitution Leads to Higher Jc than Carbon Nanotubes
Saskatchewan Proposes Roadmap for Superconducting Hydrides
    Electronic Density of Group-IV Promising for Superconductivity
    High Hydrogen Content and Strong Coupling Key to Superconductivity
    Migdal-Eliashberg Theory used to Determine Superconducting Potential
    H-H Stretch and Bent Virbations Lead to Strong Coupling
IBA Proton Therapy Revenue Climbs Higher
    Limited Visibility on New Order Timing
    Order Intake Significantly Lower
    Financial Guidance Revised Downwards
Oxford U Tests Approach to NbTi Alloy Fabrication
    Sintering at 400C Leads to Well-consolidated Bulk Samples
MIT Builds Graphene Low Frequency Photon Detector
    Device Consists of Graphene Connecting Two Superconductors
    Detection Efficiencies Higher than for SNSPDs
    GJJ SPD Functions as a Threshold Detector
    GJJ SPD Fabrication Fits Existing Processes
Japanese Team Studies Mechanical Properties of EBCO
Dutch-U.S. Team Builds Chip to Braid Majorana Fermions

    Device has Closed Circuit of Four Junctions
    Majorana Fermions to Emerge from Superconducting Al Layers
Austrian Team Conrols Fluxon Patterns in YBCO
    Fluxon Circutis Could Dissipate Less Heat
    Patterned Mask Creates Defects to Control Fluxons
    Fluxon Bits not Affected by Decoherence
Tsinghua U Indentifies Topological SC in Bi2Pd
    Possible Majorana Zero Modes at Magnetic Vortices
    Researchers able to Overcome Bi Deficiency
    Second SC Gap Indicates Topological SC
    Different Results for MBE-grown, Bulk Bi2Pd
Study Identifies New State of Matter in CeRhIn5
    Researchers Study CeRhIn5 at 50 T
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents