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Superconductor Week - 3010

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BEST Acquires OI's Superconducting Wire Unit for $17.5 Million
    OST Not Part of OI's Long-term Strategic Plans
    Combination Realizes Synergies for BEST
D-Wave Introduces 2048-qubit Processor with New Control Features
    Control Fetaures Enable Faster Problem Solving
    System is D-Wave's Fourth Improved Product
BTG Wins $1.15 Million SBIR Grant to Advance ExoCable Technology
    BTG to Build Small ExoCable Magnet
    Phase I Tested YBCO After Substrate Removal
AMSC Reduces Net Earnings Loss in Q2 FY2016
    SC Projects Raise Grid Segment Revenues
    AMSC Actively Engaged with Five Utilities on REG Solutions
    Two U.S. Navy Projects Advance
Better BioSpin Margins Propel Bruker to Stronger Earnings
    BEST Realizes Higher Revenues and Income
    BioSpin Sees Good Demand for NMR Applied Market Products
OI Results Slowed by SC Sales
    Demand for NMR Systems Down
    Nanotechnology Tools Revenue Rises Despite Reduced Academic Funding
STI's Conductus Wire Achieves 80% of Performance Goal
    Cash Resources to Last into Q1 FY2017
Osaka U Clarifies Crystal Structure of Superconducting H2S
    Material Exhibited Two SC Phases
    D2S Displays Similar Behavior
LBNL Propose SC Detectors for Dark Matter
    Team Studied Dark Matter Lighter than WIMPs
    SC Sensitive to Dark Matter/Electron Couplings
NICT Researchers Make Advances on SC Artificial Atom
    Applications not Entirely Known
    Researchers Microfabricate SC Oscillator
Carnegie Synthesizes Sodium Polyhydrides at High Pressure
    NaH3 and NaH7 Synthesized
    Compounds Stable Above 18 GPa
BNL Establishes that Cuprate Charge Stripes are Static
    NSLS-II CSX-1 Beamline Key to Results
    Researchers Surprised by Stability of CDW
Finnish Team Demonstrates SC Optomechanical Amplifier
    Amplifier uses 100-nm-thick SC Aluminum
    Amplifier Approaches Caves Limit
    SC Tunnel Junctions have Low Input Signals
    Amplifier Showed 41dB of Gain
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents