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Superconductor Week - 3012

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HyperMach Patents S-MAGJET Superconductor Turbine Design
    Dual Ring Design Incorporates SC
    Testing to Begin in 2017
TIFR Finds Unconventional Superconductivity in Bulk Bismuth
    Transition to Superconductivity at 0.00053 K
    TIFR to Study Other Semi-metals Down to 0.1 mK
TcSUH Researchers Induce SC in non-SC CaFe2As2
    Concept for Inducing SC Developed in 1970s
    Researchers Demonstrate Antiferrogmagnetic/Metallic Layer Stacking
    Team to Test Method on Other Compounds
KIT Develops and Tests Quantum Optical Chip
    Photon Qubits Preserve their State over Long Distances
    Carbon Nanotubes used as Single Photon Emitters
    Photons Emitted through Electric rather than Optical Excitation
Hokkaido U Synthesizes Superconducting Platinum
    Kawai-type Apparatus used for High Pressure Synthesis
    Separation of Pt Electrons may Trigger SC
    Future Efforts to Improve SC Properties
CERN Develops CCC to Measure Short-bunched Beams
    Goal sub Micro-Ampere Resolution Measurements of Antiproton Beams
    ELENA to Decelerate Beams to 100 keV
    CCC has Current Resolution around 10 nA
    CCC Resolution Optimized for Short-bunched Beams
    New Cryostat Designed to House CCC Monitor
    Rare Radioactive Isotope Accelerators Likely to Benefit
German Team Suggests Parametric Phonon Driving Raises Tc
    Tc Possibly Increasable by a Factor of Two
    Dipole Driving not Found to have Effect on Tc
    Theory Suggests Parametric Driving does not effect Current Carrying Capacity
    Anharmonicities may Offer Channel for Further Tc Enhancement
    Team in Discussions to Test Theory Experimentally
U Minnesota Concludes Study of HTS in FeSe Thin Films
    Origin of HTS in FeSe Thin Films Matter of Debate
    Role of Nematic Phase Investigated
Ukrainian Researcher Suggests HTS in Alkali-doped Fullerides
    Pairing of Conduction Electrons Feature of Alkali-doped Fullerides
    Work Builds on Earlier Theory
    Paper Proposes Route to REalize EPP Model
    K3He@C60 yet to be Synthesized
    Work Looks at AnC60 (n=1..5) Class of Materials
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