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Superconductor Week - 3101

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STI Awarded $4.5 Million to Improve HTS Wire Performance
    Project to Improve Ic of Conductus Wire
    Team to Grow Thicker HTS Wire Layer
Tokai U Observes SC above 500 K in Graphite-alkane Material
    Ring Current Suggests Superconductivity
    Protons may cause Superconductivity
    Tc Influenced by how Graphite Fibers Break
SCW's SC Stock Index Gains 1% in 2016, Lags Behind S&P 500
    SSI did not Benefit from Post-U.S. Election Rally
    Furukawa Increases Margins and Raises Earnings Forecast
    AMSC Ship Protection and REG Programs Advance
    IBA Rides Proton Therapy Business Growth
    Bruker Affected by Greater NMR Competition
    OI Sells HTS Business to Bruker
MIT-led Team Extends Qubit Lifespan
    Qubit Coherence Limited by Unpaired Electrons
    NbN Superconducting Nanowire Deposited on DML Structure
    SNSPDs Designed for Two Target Wavelengths
Team Fabricates Highly Uniform NbTiN Thin Films
    Study Compares Sputtering Systems
    LLS801 Yields Highest Uniformity
    Results Could Inform Deposition of TiN, NbN Thin Films
    Research to Investigate Causes of Higher Resistivity
Yale Builds MMIQC that Performs cQED Operations    
    Cavities Offer Strong Microwave Shielding
    Device Adopts Existing Circuit Design to cQED
    Qubit T1=6.4 ms
Leiden U Synthesizes Nanowires for SC Spintronics
    S-F Hybrid Materials have Strong Spin Polarization
    CrO2-based Josephson Junctions Challenging
    Bottom-up CVD Approach used
    Jc Exceeds 109 Am-2 over 600 nm
    Researchers Closer to Depairing Currents
Researchers Conclude Study of Superconductivity in SrTiO3
    SrTiO3 widely used as Substrate
    SC Interacts with Structural Domains
Team Proposes Hybrid Quantum System with SC LC Oscillator
    System Enables Coherence, Fast Interaction
    Microwave Resonator-atom Coupling Distinct
    Electrostatic Field Tunes Energy Spectrum
    LC Oscillator Acts as Quantum Bus
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents