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Superconductor Week - 3103

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Proposed DOE Budget Cuts Basic Research Funding, Eliminates ARPA-E
    Proposal Reduces OS Budget by 15%
    DOE Reportedly Withholding Funds
    ARPA-E Projects Attracted $1.8 Billion from Private Sector
D-Wave and Virginia Tech to Establish Quantum Computing Center
    New Center Targets Defense and Intelligence Professionals
    Virginia Tech to Build New Applications for Quantum Computers
    D-Wave Working with Volkswagen on Traffic Flow Optimization
DIFFER Commissions EUR18 Million Magnum-PSI Facility
    Magnum-PSI to Test Materials at Extreme Conditions of ITER
    Magnum-PSI Optimized for Steady-state Operation
    SC Magnet Manufactured by RI Research Instruments
    First Experiments Underway
    Wide Range of Experiments Planned in Coming Months
Oxford Inaugurates CfAS
    CfAS Initially Targeting Three Research Areas
Furukawa Increases Net Income for Three Quarters of FY2016
    Energy Infrastructure Income Projections Lowered for FY2016
IBA Proton Therapy Revenue Climbs Higher
    Proton Therapy Order Intake and Backlog Higher
    Preparing for Further Growth
STI Shipping Wire to Customers for Final Qualification
    Confirmation of Wire Qualification Possible in Spring 2017
    Patents Received for Pinning and RCE Monitoring Efficiency
    Cash Sufficient for Operations into 2018
UMD Compares Two Quantum Computing Technologies
    JQI Ion Trap System Compared to IBM Superconducting Qubits
    Algorithms Highlight System Attributes
    Both Systems Offer Scalability Challenges
Research Team Identifies Mott Insulating State in NaFe1-xCuxAs
    Results Suggest All HTS Share the Same Correlated Origin
    Findings could lead to Discovery of New HTS Materials
    Research Supported by DOE, Welch Foundation
Tokyo Reports Chiral SC in WS2 Nanotube
    Chiral SC Difficult to Demonstrate
    Magnetic Field Applied to Superconducting WS2
French Team Experimentally Confirms Anderson Limit
    Anderson Limit Suggests 100 nm3 Minimum Volume for SC
    Surface Effects Often Play Role
    InAS used to Create Tunnel Barrier
    Researchers use STS to Probe Nanocrystals
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents