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Superconductor Week - 3104

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EUROTAPES Produces 600 meter-long REBCO HTS Tape
    100 Ä/kAm at 77 K, Self-field Achievable with Existing Production Plants
    600-m Coated Conductors have Ic of 130 A/com-w at 77 K
    Industrial Partners to Continue HTS Tape Development
AMSC to Conduct REG Deployment Study for Seattle City Light
    AMSC Working on REG Deployment with Five Utilities
    Secondary Stock Offering to Finance Grid Activities
NIST Developing SC Neuromorphic Computing System
    Limits to Transistor Miniaturization Encourage Neuromorphic Computing
    Proposal Follows Demonstrations of Neuromorphic Principles
    SC Optoelectronics Ideal Detector Technology
    Photons Avoid Constraints Inherent to Electrons
    NIST Team Working on Fabrication Process
    System could Employ Extensive SC Architecture
    Power Demands of Cooling Offset by Power Density
OST Acquisition Boosts BEST Revenues
    BEST Revenues 47.4% Higher
    NMR Sales Propel BIOSPIN
STI Preparing for Commercial Wire Production
    Funds for Operations through Q1 FY2018
TU Delft Integrates Microwave Laser onto Quantum Chip
    Circuit Entirely Superconducting
    Team Plans to Test Chip for Qubit Control
    Circuit Design to be Extended for Electrostatic Gating
Research Team Studies SC in Ultrathin Crystalline Al Films
    Phase Diagram of Al Thin Films not in Agreement with BCS
    New Phase may be FFLO Remnant
Penn State's Liu Describes Unconventional SC in 2D TMDs
    SC Behaves Differently in 2D, Bulk TMDs
    Team Predicts FFLO State
    Monolayer NbSe2 has Hc2 of 30 T
Aalto Creates a Quantum Circuit Refrigerator
    Circuit Cooled with Photon-assisted Electron Tunneling
    Cooling Adjusted through External Votlage Source
    Team Plans to Lower Minimum Temperature
Ames Study of AeA1144 Sheds Light on Fe-based SC
    HTS Mechanism for Iron Pnictides in Dispute
Superconductivity Roundup
U.S. Superconductivity Patents