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Superconductor Week - 3105

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European XFEL Generates its First Laser Light
    European XFEL to Generate over 27,000 Light Flashes per Second
    European XFEL Creates New Research Opportunities
    Two Experiment Stations to Open in September
HYPRES Launches SeeQC, European Quantum Computing Subsidiary
    SeeQC Builds on HYPRES Collaborations with Universities
    SeeQC to Eventually Develop Applications Outside Quantum Computing
AMSC Makes Progress with Grid Initiatives for FY2016
    Grid Revenues Rise for FY2016
    Most 2017 Goals Involve Superconductivity
    AMSC Seeking Long-term U.S. Navy Relationship
    REG Collaborations Grow for West Coast
OI Performs Well in Transitional Year
    Pulsar Drives Magnetic Resonance Sales
    Magnet Demand Remains Strong
NICT Fabricates Fast SNAP Detector
    SNAP Addresses Shortcomings of SSNPD Technology
    Two SNAP Devices Fabricated and Tested
    SNAP Detectors Show Better or Equal Performance to SSNPDs
CERN Testing CSS System for SC Cyclotron Magnet
    CSS Designed for Remote Cooling of 4 T LTS Magnet to 4.5 K
    CSS has Two-stage, 1.5 W at 4.2 K GM Cryocooler
    HTS Current Leads Reduce Ohmic Losses
NCSU, ARO Team Identify HTS in B-doped Q-carbon
    B-doped Q-carbon has a Jc of 4.3 x 10^7 A/cm2 at 2 T
    Tc of 36 K Observed
    Technique Applicable to Other Systems
Manchester Finds Universality in Intercalated Phosphorene SC
    Black Phosphorous Previously not Superconducting in its Normal Form
    Black Phosphorous Intercalated with Five Alkali Metals
MIT, NIMS Identify SC Proximity Effect in Graphene
    Tunneling Spectroscopy Measurements Taken on Proximitized Graphene
    DOS Dependent on Magnetic Field
    Platform may be used to Explore Majorana Fermions
Cornell Proposes TMDs as Topological Superconductors
    Realizing Spinless Fermions with Hole-doped TMDs
    Team Proposes Two TMD Tolopolgical States
Yale, Harvard Study HIB Lithography using AFM-SNOM
    AFM-SNOM a Non-invasive Method Capable of 10 to 20 nm Resolution
    AFM-SNOM Identifies Shortcomings in HIB Lithography
    Beam-induced Damage Found to Extend to 500 nm Laterally
    AFM-SNOM may help in Visualization of Superfluid Polaritons
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents