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Superconductor Week - 3106

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Hyper Tech Wins Two SBIR Awards for Aircraft Propulsion System
    Company to Advance Technology to TRL 4
    MgB2 Offers Numerous Advantages
PSS Awarded $125,000 STTR for HTS Coil Development
    PSS Working with MIT on Separate Phase II STTR
    Fusion Engine Could Realize Exhaust Velocity of 25,000 km/s
    Fusion Reactors Serve as Power Source
    PSS FRC Approach uses Odd-parity Symmetry
    TRL of SC Coil System to be Raised From 2 to 3
    PSS Considering HTS Strand Type
    System to Require Highly Efficient Cooling Systems
    PSS Aims to Demonstrate System in 2019 or 2020
CERN Designs and Tests Proton Therapy Linac
    Circular Accelerators Lose Beam Energy
    Linac Beams Easier to Adjust
    CERN Effort Focused on Accelerating Cavities
    Prototype Reaches Target Accelerating Gradient
    Funding an Obstacle to Continued Development
Italian Team Studies Insulator Transition in Bi-based Cuprate
    Researchers Study Bi-based Cuprate Crystals
    Observed Transition not True Phase Transition
    Lasers used to Drive Cuprate out of Equilibrium State
Italian Team Concludes Electronic, Magnetic Study of FeS
    Chalcogenides Promising for High-field Applications
    FeS Shows more Similarities with FeSe than FeTe
    First Computational, Theoretical Study of Properties of FeS
    Electronic Properties of FeS more Dissimilar to FeSe than Expected
    Relationship between Pressure, Tc also at Variance with FeSe
Binghamton's Aynajian Awarded $531,582 NSF CAREER Grant
    Team to Deploy Custimized STM
Team Concludes Study of the Electronic Structure of Sr2RuO4
    Team Observes Large Interaction Effects in Metallic State
    Researchers Pass Electrons into Sr2Ruo4
EPFL, U Cambridge Bring Oscillator into Quantum Regime
    First Study to Bring Oscillator into Quantum Regime
    Hybrid Modes not Previously Shown in Literature
    Study Builds on Expanded use of Microwaves in Quantum Systems
    Micro-drum Cooled to Lowest Energy Quantum Level
     Cavity could Serve as On-chip Microwave Source
    EC Horizon 2020 Projects to Support Cavity Development
Chinese Team Creates Entangled 10-qubit System
Superconductivity Roundup
Superconductivity Stock Index
U.S. Superconductivity Patents