Only readers of Superconductor Week benefit from a strategic resource that brings a critical, insightful perspective to superconductor technology. Superconductor Week is the best way to insure you are current with the technology and commercialization of superconductor-related technologies through newsletter issues containing in-depth articles and interviews with the people impacting the field. Missing out on developments, not hearing diverse perspectives from outside your organization, and not taking into account the needs, perceptions, and expertise of fellow professionals and related fields, industries, and markets are risks you won’t have to face.

Superconductor Week is dedicated to comprehensive coverage of the major scientific, technological, and business events impacting the superconductor industry. Superconductor Week is designed for scientists, executives, engineers, investors, analysts, and administrators and policy-makers in government—anyone seeking to track the rapidly changing field of superconductivity. Our coverage spans the proven growth of the MRI industry to the anticipated revolution of advanced power devices, long-term space applications and the ongoing development of all-digital RF. In addition, Superconductor Week covers key advances in cryogenic refrigeration.

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Superconductor Week represents proven quality. We began publishing in 1986, shortly after the discovery of high temperature superconductors, and since then have grown to include readers in every field of superconductivity. Information is presented so that non-technical readers gain a deeper understanding of the serious technological challenges facing developers. At the same time, in-depth technical, scientific, and business information is provided in concise coverage that explores the complexities of technology, business, human, and consumer dimensions of the field.

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pictureMy colleagues and I subscribe to Superconductor Week to get the latest happenings within the superconductivity industry within one compact newsletter. The publication is in-depth and easy to read, and the information is timely.

Allan J. Jacobson
Robert A. Welch Chair of Science
Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Director, Texas Center for Superconductivity


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